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LTL shipping refers Less Than full Truckloads, and is reserved for goods and items that don’t require an entire trailer. Less than loads are perfect for companies who anticipate smaller shipment volumes or don’t require expedited delivery times. The rest of the truck is packed with shipments from other companies who also want to save money on their smaller shipments.
Shipping smaller volumes and having your load included with other shipments can offer considerable savings versus FTL. LTL shipments can take longer due to multiple stops being made for unloading. However, if expedited times aren’t a requirement and your load is smaller, LTL may be the service you’re looking for.
Titan Transline has a variety of shipping options for LTL including specialty and flatbed trailers.
LTL for dry freight is available. Some examples include:
Non-Perishable Food items
Paper & Plastic Goods
Retail Clothing


Full Truckloads (FTL) refers to shipments that are expected to fill an entire trailer. FTLs make an ideal choice for businesses who have large freight, ship in bulk (10 pallets or more to ship on average), or require the fastest delivery options.
Shipping large amounts tends to offset the cost of the larger truck or semi required. FTL is typically quicker than LTL (Less Than Load) shipping as the truck doesn’t have to make stops along the way to drop other loads.
Our FTL service is available for dry freight, including:
Non-Perishable Food items
Paper & Plastic Goods
Retail Clothing


Do you have very fragile, important or time sensitive products to ship? Call us today for a quote at:
We take the absolute highest level of care with these time sensitive and valuable loads. We have depots throughout Canada and the United States meaning we can get your load from point A to B just about anywhere.
About Hotshot Trucking
When you have very fragile products or have a very time sensitive situation you may need a hotshot trucking service. The term hotshot can refer to the load, or the truck used or often both. This is also known as expedited trucking or direct drive trucking. With hotshot truckloads extra care is taken. Also, your freight is sent using a dedicated truck, going directly from the origin to the destination. Because it’s one customers load being transported it’s often a smaller class 3-5 truck used in combination with different kinds of specialty trailers.
The term ‘hotshot’ originated in that the Texas oil fields where equipment and replacement parts are often needed on very short notice. It can apply to just about any sort of time sensitive, viable or specialized delivery though.


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